Satisfying us of the honestly of staff through observation, personal references and through DBS security checks:

  • Ensuring effective fire detection and alarm systems are in place and monitored.

  • Ensuring CCTV 24hour monitoring a safe and secure home.

  • Assuring the security of occupants and the safe keeping of their valuables with stringent, but unobtrusive controls.

  • Recurrent risk evaluation based on regular safety audits, ongoing reviews and thorough investigations of all accidents/incidents.

  • Satisfying us of the honestly of staff through observation, personal references and by ensuring awareness that dishonesty will be automatically occasion dismissal.

We aim to provide a tasteful home with high quality service by:

  • Maintaining a high standard of decoration, bright but tasteful decor and functional modern furnishings.

  • Continually improving the amenities within the home, garden and those for recreation.

  • Developing conscientious staff to monitor service and facilities, thereby assuring we meet the CQC standards.

  • Staff on duty to conduct themselves in a professional manner.

We aim to provide a home where dignity is respected by:

  • Assigning a member of staff acceptable to each resident to monitor their health and well being.

  • Discourage patronization whilst promoting friendly advice and emotional support. Also act as a mentor if appropriate.

  • Complying with all Service Users reasonable requests that are realistic whilst explaining in detail and painstakingly why those that cannot be granted are denied.

  • Providing Service Users with their own key, whilst solely the proprietors hold a master key for emergency use only.

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We aim to provide an agreeable and comfortable home that substitutes as much as possible for the family home:

  • Giving residents the opportunity to bring items of their own furniture, personalize and select decoration of their room within a range of possibilities.

  • Regular contact with Service Users and their families providing everyone with opportunities to air their views and for the management to monitor moral and address grievances.

  • Hosting of social occasions (barbecue, buffet dinners, outings, picnics, and birthday party’s) the proprietors as active members of the family group and as registered managers strive to nurture the family atmosphere.

  • Accommodating the residents choice of menu from a variety of fresh, healthy food incorporating ethnic minority cuisine and specialities according to demand. eg. Vegetarian, Diabetic and Pureed Meals.

  • Assisting and arranging links with family (via telephone).

We aim to provide a home whereby autonomy is encouraged, so that residents achieve optimal independence by:

  • Encourage Service Users to choose their own source of clothing and by facilitating choice of garments and assisting them to dress themselves.

  • Encouraging both Service Users and their families to participate in the design of care plans.

  • Encourage Service Users who demonstrate that they are fit enough to, in the performance of usual tasks, in the daily routine of the home.

  • By providing the opportunity for Service Users to follow their established hobbies and pastimes.

  • Encourage communal activities and providing a stimulating environment whilst respecting preference for privacy.